Hot Star Wars Marketing Ideas

hot star wars marketing ideasJust to be clear, my “Hot Stars Wars Marketing Ideas” are not to market Star Wars. Fairly certain that has been comprehensively achieved and with great effect I might add. There wouldn't be many people on the planet who haven't heard of Star Wars.

Now that you know I'm not trying to sell you Star Wars, I want to tell you a little story of how my hot Star Wars marketing idea came to be.

Due to a major change in my circumstances recently, I realised that my online business “Steve Turner Marketing” needed to change direction and produce a full time income. This really meant that I had to do something different. I just wasn't sure how or what?

In the last 12 months I had spent just over $9,000 dollars on various bits and pieces on the internet for my “business”. Problem being there is no money running a business that only seems to buy from everyone else. I was actually starting to doubt it was possible!

Anyway, long story short, while looking through my Twitter feed very early one morning, I saw this video from a guy from Texas called Kenneth Holland. Now he caught my interest. I liked his style and I listened. For me, he would actually make a great no BS Aussie!! If you like it straight, I would definitely recommend having a listen to Kenneth Holland.


Dean Holland

Through Ken I was introduced to Dean Holland and Internet Profits. Now after listening, getting the Affiliate Marketers Playbook, I saw exactly what I needed to do. More importantly not only have I established the Why I am doing this, How I'm going to do this, now I have a coach and mentor. Now I'm a Certified Internet Partner.

During the training one of the coaches Glenn Shepard related a story where he had been part of a challenge to write a blog post that related to marketing on any subject line he was given. The subject he was given was “finding the best places to hike”. and he demonstrates how he  actually did this.

The point of the training was we all have experiences and within our daily lives there is always something around us. With experience and training you will be able to either relate to these as lessons to share with others. Perhaps something will trigger your next great marketing idea. I can relate to this.

A couple of weeks ago on a Thursday, Rachel and I decided we would have a day off. Rachel planned a trip to go to  the Chadstone Shopping Centre which is the largest shopping centre in Australia and claims to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Great I Love shopping – I lost count how many food courts there were!

While sitting having a coffee, resting my weary legs and I noticed we are sitting next a full size replica X fighter from Star Wars. It had steps leading up to the cockpit and children getting their pictures taken sitting in the fighter. Hang on there were more adults sitting in the X fighter getting their pictures taken than kids. What was that all about?

Turns out it was a hot Star Wars Marketing idea. They were promoting an ultimate family Star Wars experience and that is how people were submitting an entry in the competition.

hot star wars marketing ideasThis was during school holidays and there were various displays and activities through the whole shopping centre. They were all part of the Star Wars theme and competition. Since I can relate to Chewbacca,  I had a photo with him and I took a few other photos of the other displays. Wandering around, checking out all the shops, we had a great day. I'm not sure why, but Star Wars became stuck in my mind!

A few days ago, there I am “Home Alone Unsupervised With My Thoughts – Awesome”. I Googled “Hot Star Wars Marketing Ideas” and almost 25,000,000 results in 0.56 seconds – impressive. Not sure how that would help me though.

Hot star wars marketing ideas

My copy of the Affiliate Marketers Playbook sat on the desk in front of me. Maybe it was the coffee, I don't really know, but I thought. What would it take to give 25,000,000 people a copy of that book.  How unreal would that be!Hot Star Wars Marketing Ideas 1

Reality check, half probably don't work or are children, then take out all those that couldn't be bothered, not interested, don't believe it works, or heaven forbid already have too much time and money!!

If just 4% were interested, heck that's a million people! Now my brain was wide awake, the cogs were grinding. What could I do I that would gain the attention of Star Wars fans interested in affiliate marketing?

How about the iconic opening Star Wars crawl. (unfortunately you can't use the original theme music, I used The Planets – Gustav Holst.) and added my friend Obi “Dean” Kanobi on the end.

Whilst I'm honestly not a huge Star Wars fan, Yoda as a character resonated with me (were are both old!!), so I used his speaking style to express the dialogue in the opening.

I actually made about 5 different versions, but Rachel liked this the one most. I may share some of the others later if anyone wants to see them.

So here it is, and please let me know what you think below.

Hot Star Wars Marketing Idea Video

Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars and you would like a free copy of Affiliate Marketers Playbook, Please CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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