How To Sell More Affiliate Products

How To Sell More Affiliate Products Than Anyone Else

How To Sell More Affiliate Products Than Anyone Else

How To Sell More Affiliate Products

How to sell more affiliate products than your fellow associates is an interesting subject. Your choice of niche and products you are offering, will determine the potential competition you are face.

Rest assured though, no matter what you are marketing there will other affiliates all offering the exact same thing as you.  There may be hundreds or perhaps thousands of various other associates all vying for sales of the products or services being offered.

Understand What You Are Up Against

Merely slapping banner ads, paid or otherwise on various sites around the internet or even on your own blog will not produce many sales. Even the most fantastic, well crafted ad will still get lost in the sheer noise and volume that is internet, if that is all you do.

Maybe you have tried Twitter with a tweet or two, Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest or even Instagram. Still being outsold by various other affiliates! To understand how to sell more affiliate products, look to those topping the leader boards. What are they doing differently?

What Do You Think?

Lets face it, not making the sales you want is a terrible feeling. Some even give up before they make a sale. What is the difference between you and the super affiliates?

When you are able recognize the exact same tactics these incredible associates use. Guess what! You too could outsell the competition. Let's begin right now with these 3 suggestions and methods for turning you into a leading affiliate!

1. Involve Your Target Market

One of the first things you will realise when studying top affiliates is they have higher conversion rates than most others. Even using the same promotional material, they will almost always convert more visitors to sales.

What are these affiliates doing differently? They are not just sending a whole lot of cold traffic to their affiliate links. They have established there own landing pagesbuilt lists using relevant value add lead magnets and engaged their subscribers. Offered rewards using viral marketing campaigns. These are the qualified leads, the super affiliates will promote their offers to.

I have seen many diligent new marketers, build a list and start sending emails pitching all manner of offers to them. In fact they go crazy promoting almost everything under the sun to their list.

And guess what happens?

Barely anything!

Very few if any sales and commissions result from this shotgun approach to an unresponsive list. In fact the real danger here is many people will either unsubscribe, or worse, complain.

Just what went wrong?

In the majority of instances the problem comes down to this: the affiliate never ever engaged with their list and built a relationship.

A recommended method to build engagement is send out excellent “edutainment” content in every e-mail. Using compelling subject lines to boost open rates and use content that educates while being enjoyable.

Because at the end of the day, your readers will desire the benefits your solution provides to their troubles. They do not wish to be lectured to and sold something.

Even if someone joined your list, this doesn't suggest they're going to open up and review every email you send or be receptive to your offers. Obtaining their trust should be your first priority.

Below are a few more pointers for involving your audience:

i) Email them on a regular basis. You can not form a partnership and engage individuals out in the real world by speaking to them every once in a while. Same goes with your subscribers. If you intend to build a great partnership, your “edutaining” e-mails need to land in front of them at least weekly.

ii) Offer them what they desire. Do your market study to learn just what your clients desire, and give it to them. Test, evaluate, and test some more to see just what converts best. Then offer them related or complimentary products which will increase the Customer Lifetime value (CLV)

iii) Make valued recommendations. If you wouldn't use the product or service do not recommend it to your checklist. Offering advice on products you own and use will build trust with your list.

iv) Share value completely free. When your subscribers see the values you're sharing free of charge, trust will certainly expand. This will certainly help boost your sales. The greater the value of your offering, the more likely your prospect will feel compelled to reciprocate by buying your product.

2. Pre-Sell The Offer

Thrusting a link in your audiences face with no qualification will not help producing results and your conversions will suffer. Facing an almost constant barrage of banners and ads as well as numerous links, I'm sure your readers do not want another pushed blindly in their face.

In the process of learning how to sell more affiliate products, you need to become the authority. Sort through all the various offerings in your specific niche, evaluate them, and recommend just the ideal items to your viewers.

THAT'S exactly what your viewers want. How this product or service will be of benefit to them. They wish to hear what you believe of the product, and why they need it.

Allow me share a little secret with you !

Your visitors want a testimonial. They don't really intend to go through all the information themselves if you can show them why they need this product.

So exactly what do you need to do?

Pretty straightforward, really: you are required to pre-sell the deal. Your audience will already know what problem of theirs will be solved. It goes without saying you have already highlighted the benefit to them of the solution you are offering and are looking for the BUY button.

Finally, the last tip for today on how to sell more affiliate products than your fellow affiliates…

3. Offer Value

You will face a great deal of competition as all the other affiliates are trying to find out how to sell more affiliate products. Since you are promoting the same offer, what can you do to give yourself a leading edge. Here is what you can do to offer better value to the deal than your competitors.

Add bonuses to your offer that that are tightly connected to the original offer it as a benefit to those that buy the affiliate item via your link. If your bonus product improves the use or satisfaction of the major product, there is a great chance it will boost conversions as well as place more money in your pocket.

Another example: let's say you're offering a collection of bodybuilding video clips that cover every little thing from lifts to nourishment. You could supply meal-planning software in order to help clients monitor their bulking and reducing cycles.

Let's suppose you're marketing a copy writing book. You might put together a big swipe file and also a collection of heading templates and use this as a bonus to anyone who purchases through your link.

On the other hand, if you're promoting software, then you could create a video clip that demonstrates how to install the software, personalise it, and also use it for optimum benefit.

Final thought

These three tips you learned above about how to sell more affiliate products aren't something you use in isolation. Instead, you need to use them together for maximum effect. That's because adding value to an offer doesn't do a whole lot if you're putting this offer in front of an unresponsive audience.

These three simple steps you can take to really boost your conversion rate.

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SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing
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