Do You Know Like and Trust Me?

In some recent training and ongoing coaching I am undertaking, the power of Know Like and Trust is an extremely import concept I had not fully understood or embraced.

Now technically I am almost positive this post is never going to rank for the keywords “know like and trust”. I searched the term with Google and the results, a staggering one billion, 380 million results!! There would be some serious competition for that keyword combination.

The other stand out observation for me, was just how important this is. Just so you don't vanish to see who had the No 1. result on page one in Google I will share with it you. Copyblogger, one of my favourite sources of information, came in at #1 with this post and is well worth the read.

Let me rephrase that, yes it was a great read, but that's not what I have done with this particular post. In plain simple language, that I understand, Georgina El Morshody had given me an actionable list. Thank You.

A list with 10 actions for each of the points Know Like and Trust.  30 doable actions for me. I have this post saved and have a printed copy on my desk. I look at this list everyday now, as part of my action plan. What have I done on this list today that is contributing to this goal?


What is so special about this article? Well, it was written in January 2013! and is the first search result for “Know Like and Trust today”. I'm not sure about you, but in my mind the credibility and authority in this post is self evident.

Recently I came to a very important realisation about myself. I have always been too much about the detail. Technically I not only know how to use most things, but I have to know how they work and try improve or perfect everything.

Over the years I have always had computers, either in business or just built them at home as a sort of hobby. The internet and marketing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can recall. Not only have I build websites, sold virtual hosting, but taught myself a popular version of Unix called FreeBSD. Then using Apache servers and MYSQL databases built my own servers.

Of course I don't get carried away any more. I actually need all 158 apps on my Iphone, Iwatch, Ipad and Imac. They are the staples, absolute must have, couldn't possibly exist without applications!!

Anyway, back then, life kind of got in the way and whilst I still played around with computers, I had to go back to working a day job. It was only really about 5 years ago I started seriously looking at online marketing. I knew that this worked and I was positive I could figure it out. I could learn it, build and it would make money.

The savvy marketers out there can see I had subscribed to the “Build They Will Come Theory”. When they didn't come, I KNEW it was because I hadn't learnt enough and had obviously built the wrong thing. I just needed another piece of software, another video making tool or another “How To Make $5K A Day Online” course.

In my honest self examination, I also realised whilst I probably had the same dreams like every one else of making enough money online to give up my day job, I wasn't treating it seriously. I didn't have actual goals and a plan.

Approximately 12 months ago there were strong indications that my employment of the past 7 years was in jeopardy. Not wishing to be caught out, I registered my business and started seriously developing my online affiliate marketing business.

This was a real struggle while still working 12 – 14 hours a day and on call, most nights and weekends. I still wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I started to doubt myself and felt overwhelmed.

Who Did I Know Like and Trust

I didn't really Know Like or Trust anybody. The beginning of the change for me came from a most unlikely place.

I was just flicking through Twitter one night, when I saw a teaser for video by Kenneth Holland. The title immediately grabbed my attention “The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners… plus some sober reality”. I don't know what made me click on this (probably the sober reality), but it changed everything for me.  I have embedded Kens video for you to enjoy below!

Even though I'm a Kiwi (from Christchurch, New Zealand) I have have lived most of my life in Australia. I really loved Ken's no BS style, and emailed him, and told him, he could easily be an Australian!!

A lot of Ken's thoughts and words struck a chord. Why was I trying to do everything myself? Even if I had all the time in the world, which I'm pretty sure I don't. I can't learn everything. I can't do everything by myself. To be honest I thought I was the failure.

I had become so busy being busy I wasn't going anywhere. I needed help. This was hard to write and even harder to admit. I had always managed to get by all by myself and wasn't the one to give up.

Its no secret, on Ken's recommendation, I paid the shipping and handling and got my free copy of Dean Holland's book. Affiliate Marketers Playbook. From then I have honestly not looked back.

Is it easy you might ask? I don't think anything that is worthwhile is easy. I have adopted a hashtag for myself that I use on everything to spell out my message.

Since I have already explained this post will never rank for the keywords “Know Like and Trust”, hopefully you have come to know me a little better..

For those of you that enjoy the “ramblings” of grumpy old men, as I do. Please feel free to check out my new friend Ken at Kenneth and let him know I said to drop in.

P.S. Ken isn't really old or grumpy, he just tells it like it is. No matter, I still Know Like and Trust him.

Kind regards,
Steve Turner

Steve Turner
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Steve Turner


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