The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland

The Iceberg Effect

The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland

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Foreword By Russell Brunson

The Iceberg Effect by Dean HollandRussell Brunson wrote the foreword to Dean Holland's book called “The Iceberg Effect”. Dean has been a member of Russell's inner circle for over five years. 

When Dean started with Russell 2015, he had already accomplished a great deal. Many hundreds of people had already been helped by Dean and Internet Profits to start and grow profitable businesses online. 

Dean joined the inner circle mastermind because he wanted to achieve even more. To help more of the right people and attract customers that truly wanted more in life and to do so morally and ethically.

A desire to help others achieve more time, money, and freedom in their lives is an admirable goal. To help others, you must first help yourself, which is why Dean spent those years in Russell's mastermind group.

Russell said he was excited to provide his intro quote and write the foreword. Russell said, “I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away more than once.” You're in excellent hands with Dean Holland.

As a business model affiliate marketing is a powerful and proven strategy to start an online business and grow an income.

Dean's book provides a clear and precise blueprint that every affiliate marketer needs. This blueprint will enable them to thrive and be sustainably profitable in today's economy.

In business, marketing and sales processes continually evolve over time, and as entrepreneurs, we must learn to adapt.

If you're trying to start a business online today, I highly recommend you read Dean Holland's, “The Iceberg Effect.”

About Dean Holland

Dean Holland is a serial entrepreneur who began online in 2004. After struggling for 4 years without making any money, in 2008 an internet marketing conference and advice he received changed his life dramatically.

Attaining over half a million dollars in digital online product sales by 2011, Dean had achieved the beginnings of his success.

As the CEO of Internet Profits, Dean has the vision to change the world in his own way. Enabling ordinary people to achieve success by providing them with the required tools and training.

The Iceberg Effect

Dean Holland's new book “The Iceberg Effect” has now been released.

So go ahead, read everything below. Request your free copy, cover the small shipping and handling fee $7.96US world-wide. Get your copy of the book and access to all the bonuses.

Are you an affiliate marketer trying to build an online business?The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland

Has significant success an affiliate marketer evaded you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Sick of all the hype and confusion?

Then The Iceberg Effect is critical, essential reading.

More and more people are struggling with affiliate marketing than ever before. Why isn't it working?

Many marketers are unaware of a secret the affiliate marketing industry has managed to keep concealed for years.

Something is missing, and nobody's talking about?

The missing piece of the puzzle that holds people back Dean calls the iceberg effect. Inside this new book, Dean details the untold secrets of affiliate marketing success.

Inside this brand new book, you will be walked through how affiliate marketing has changed. Learn how you can succeed in affiliate marketing in today's economy.


When you order your copy of the book, a physical hard copy will be delivered directly to your home. Along with the publication, you will also get access to the audio MP3 version to listen to.

The online masterclass version of the book is also included. 

You'll get exclusive links to several hours of valuable online presentations from Dean, plus excellent traffic training, plus an invite to an active Facebook group, and much more.


If you believe “The Iceberg Effect” and all the bonuses you receive are not worth 10 times the shipping and handling fee, you can get your money back. You can even keep the book.

But I'm confident that this book will provide the knowledge, information and practical applications you have been missing.


This book is for everyone willing to learn the skills and put in the work to become successful at affiliate marketing.

There is so much value in this book. I'm surprised it's been given away for free. Claim your copy HERE >> The Iceberg Effect


P.S. I would be very interested in your thoughts on Dean's new book, so please leave your comments below. Like and share this post with your friends.

SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing
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