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OLSP System and Mega Funnel

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OLSP SystemThe OLSP system or One Lead System Pixel is a creation by Wayne Crowe and the Traffic Domination team. Wayne is a well-known solo ads provider super affiliate in the internet marketing world. 

The OLSP system enables anyone, regardless of experience, to start an online business by simply inviting people to join a private Facebook group Traffic Dominators via the Mega Funnel.

The system guides people you invite through a 4-step welcome funnel that guides them through the setup to join the Facebook group, get their own Mega Funnel, get traffic and earn their first $20 commission. 

Without requiring any resources, technical knowledge or skills needed to sell online, you could be earning your first commission in 20 minutes.

How The Mega Funnel Works

At the heart of the OLSP system, Mega Funnel is the Mega Link, your unique affiliate link within the system.

This link tracks all your team members through the system for life, so you will earn commissions whenever someone on your team upgrades or makes a purchase.

Products and programs through the OLSP system range from $12 to $5000, and commissions are generally 40% or 50% per sale!

By inviting everyone through the Mega Funnel, you can earn commissions on the various optional offers inside the funnel.

Step 1 – Sign up for the OLSP System

Step 2 – Set up the Mega Funnel

Step 3 – Buying traffic for the Mega Funnel (optional)

Step 4 – Start the Boot Camp

When your invitees progress through to the last step of the funnel, they can start the OLSP Boot Camp training and earn their first $20 commission.

Through the Mega Funnel are genuine One Time Offers and even a complete DFY set up of the system by Wayne's team.

There are three main components in the OLSP / Traffic Dominators System.

  1. The Traffic Domination Facebook Group.
  2. The OLSP System members website.
  3. OLSP Action Takers Facebook Group.

The Traffic Domination Facebook Group

Currently, the private Facebook group comprises over 110,500 members.

This group discusses internet marketing, online sales, email list building and traffic generation.

In the Facebook group, your team members can ask questions and get help from other members. Attend Wayne's weekly Q & A sessions, product launches or any other events.

The group is very active, the perfect place to post questions and get help.

The members are accommodating, answering questions, highlighting their achievements, encouraging and motivating others.

Every Friday at 2 pm UTC (9 am EST), Wayne Crowe holds a weekly Q & A session where members are encouraged to ask all their questions.

Notifications of upcoming live broadcasts and events are all posted within the group to keep you informed.

The OLSP Action Takers Facebook Group

When You purchase an upgrade to the OLSP system, either OLSP Dominator or become a VIP Member, you can apply for access to the Action Takers Facebook group.

Learn about events and upcoming changes before the free group giving you more time to prepare.

Access to Wayne through the Action Takers Q & A sessions.

Network with other action takers and get help and advice.

The OLSP System Website

The heart and soul of the OLSP system is your member's area. Access to all training, affiliate resources, access to purchased products, managing your team and your commission statement.

Notifications, your OLSP level and the points you have earned in the system are all viewable on the opening screen or Dashboard when you log in.

OLSP System Dashboard

NB: Not all options may be available, depending on the upgrades you have purchased.

Your Mega Funnel

If you have set up your Mega Funnel, you can review all the steps and videos here.

Product Access

Members will find their access to all products purchased through the Traffic Domination network conveniently in this location.

Boot Camp

The system's first requirement is to complete the Boot Camp training, which introduces the OLSP system and receive your certificate. 

OLSP System Boot Camp Certificate

New members who complete the Boot Camp within 14 days will earn a $20 commission. (Minimum commission payout is $50)


Returns you to the overview of your account and points you have earned.

Training Units

New members will unlock the remaining eight units of training after completing the Boot Camp training.

Over 60 comprehensive training videos cover the OLSP system, affiliate marketing, listing building and traffic generation. 

Complete each module fully and mark it as complete before the next module unlocks.

Growth Hacks

Growth Hacks are fast and powerful done-for-you (DFY) funnels to generate list building, commissions and build your OLSP team.

Meet Your Team

All members of your team are listed here, and you can view details, account activity, send them messages or assign them bonuses.

Meet Your Team Pro

OLSP Dominators have access to advanced analytics to track the status of their team members. 

Metrics such as purchases, training progress, site interactions can help you to help individuals in their journey and experiences in OLSP.

Action Takers

The members who upgrade their accounts to OLSP Dominator or VIP have their own dedicated Facebook group and a Chat on the OLSP site.

Traffic Toolbox

A collection of various software used for getting fast and automated traffic to your affiliate offers.

  • Comment Dominator Pro – Get paid commissions simply byOLSP System Traffic Software commenting on Facebook posts.
  • Commissions Lead Machines Software – An automated system used by the top earner in OLSP to build your OLSP team with proven buyers.
  • Content Gorilla – A fully developed blog including domain name, hosting and design automatically fed with new content every week. (related to OLSP)
  • Kontest King – Leverage the power of contests to build your lists virally by allowing people to get rewards when opting into your list.
  • Social Post Magic – Automatically creates and posts content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • TD Pages – Build squeeze pages and entire funnels with the Growth hacks connected to your OLSP account ready to collect commissions.

TD Products

Within the TD Products tab, there are five groups of information.

  • Products – covering every area you will need to grow your income online.
  • Buy Traffic – buy and manage solo ad purchases.
  • TD Links – for promotional resources and the affiliate links for the various products.
  • Training Replays – Replays of all the currently available live training events.
  • Comment Dominator – Access to the Comment Domination and training.
  • Checklists/Lead Magnets – 300 checklists you can download to use as giveaways or lead magnets.

Listed below are some of the programs within OLSP. These are my affiliate links, and I will receive a commission if you purchase any of them. They will open in a new tab:

Within the OLSP system, there are two optional upgrades for those that want to accelerate their earnings and build their teams quicker.

OLSP Dominator, which increases commission percentages, adds 50 to 150 new team members a month and gives you commissions on your team members who upgrade to OLSP Dominator. 

VIP Members have more commission increases, access to all the software, and commissions on their team members who upgrade to VIP.

Is OLSP legitimate?

Is OLSP is legitimate, and can I make money with it?

Once you have joined the Traffic Dominators group, you will regularly see members testimonials and posts of income earned.

I have earned commissions with OLSP, and I have purchased the upgrade to be an OLSP Dominator myself.

OLSP System Steves Commission

Whether or not anyone makes money with the OLSP system is based on the amount of work and effort they put in.

OLSP System Summary

This platform is free to join, making it an ideal starting point for people new to online affiliate marketing.

More experienced marketers will fully appreciate all the benefits the system has to offer immediately.

The training modules are comprehensive on all aspects of online marketing and how to use the system itself.

To start earning commissions yourself, share the link to your Mega Funnel as I have done here.

Become Part of the Team on OLSP



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