Overnight Success

Overnight Success

Overnight Success

Overnight Success There is no magic button, software or a weird trick that delivers success on a platter.

Success comes from dedication, passion, persistence, and hard work. With these qualities, belief in yourself and a desire to accomplish, you will remain steadfast in your goal. 

The talk of overnight success is nothing but rumour and myth to those who have achieved success. People who have worked hard to obtain their goals know you can never get anything without making an effort. 

Understanding this misconception and will develop your mindset that there is no “overnight success” in this world.

Overnight Success Is A Myth 

A measure of luck many believe contributes to the overnight success of others. The spotlight shining on these success stories might seem like a sudden rise to the top. You can't see the years of struggle and hard work behind their achievement.

People work away quietly, slowly taking steps towards their goals. Then their success shouts and makes noise on their behalf. Wrongly we say, what an accomplishment, “Overnight Success.” 

Not only incorrect but disrespectful to the person for whom you are using it. Far from encouraging that person, it demeans the effort they put in for so long to achieve that point in their life.

Sure there have been what appears to be meteoric rises to success; however, on closer examination, it is usually fleeting. Taking shortcuts, and without the hustle and grind to build a solid foundation, the fortunes quickly crumble.

Be clear in your mind that “overnight success' is a myth that you should not be endorsing. Look carefully at the route taken to achieve success, acknowledging the difficulties and obstacles to overcome.

Taking Action

We cannot merely be students of success. We need to be practitioners of success. Taking action is what makes the difference between understanding the requirements of success and being successful. 

I could not put it any better than Gary Vee “The quotes are simple, the execution is hard.” 

Taking the actions required are the difference between where you are today and where you will be tomorrow.

You will be able to achieve the impossible, and you will stay positive and also feel fulfilled in every situation of your life.

1. Achieve The Impossible

The greatest reward of taking action will be the attainment of what you are dreaming about achieving in your life. Set your goals to work on them with all the dedication, passion, and persistence you can muster, and you can conquer the world.

It will be hard, not impossible. Think of nothing other than your goal. To be successful in your life, no matter what your goals execute every step in the plan to fulfil them.

2. There Is A Light at The End of Tunnel

Remain positive and stay firm in your beliefs. Work on everything with passion and persistence. There are no failures, only lessons.

Each new step achieved will boost your confidence and enable you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each action you take brings fulfilment closer every day.


3. Satisfaction From Within

Taking action towards something that you have a burning desire to do in your life will satisfy your soul. Celebrate your victories.

Achievement of all goals doesn't matter; you are successful because you have given it your heart and soul.

You will become patient, positive, confident, and more passionate about your goals. It will lead you to success one day, and then you will sit and wonder how incredible the journey was for you.

Look back to the start of your journey to “Overnight Success”. 


Overnight success is a myth. You cannot achieve something incredible without putting enough effort into it. You need a commitment to your goals and taking the necessary actions to make them happen.

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SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing

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