How often should you email your list

How Often Should You Email Your List

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How Often Should You Email Your List?

How Often Should You Email Your List When it comes to email marketing, how often you should email your list is a hot topic. While you don't need to let your email marketing be all or nothing, it does pay to balance it based on your specific needs.

Most common advice is daily, with probably a minimum of at least once a week. Some gurus even recommend emailing multiple times a day!

You want to email your list with a frequency to fit the personality you're trying to convey. The key is understanding that the email frequency decision is a very personal one.

As such, the best rule of thumb is to rule out any campaign that would cause you to unsubscribe from your own list. This is very practical and something you'll want to err on the side of caution with.

My personal preference is to mix it up. Start with daily emails for a week then shorter sequences 2 to 4 days in length, with breaks in between of 1 or 2 days.

Unwanted or Annoying Emails

The higher quality your emails are, the more frequently you can email your list with them. The opposite applies as well. A hard sell or low-quality message will only be tolerated a few times.

Not everyone will be interested in your emails, no matter how well written or informative. Always have clear “unsubscribe” options available to prevent your email being marked as spam.

Email Your List for Engagement 

Also, many list members prefer being more proactive in responding to you rather than relying on you to contact them.

The more they respond, the more they “keep you in the loop” (you'll probably never meet them, or they won't know you are a website). 

On the other hand, if your message frequency is very high, it may seem inauthentic, causing the number of people not responding to you to increase. 

Now, you are left paying the price as your user engagement falters.

There is an excellent insight into this that many marketers either don't know or care to know. Monitor the autoresponder results used to deliver your email marketing campaigns. 

Most quality autoresponders will give you open rates, click-through rates, bounces and un-subscribers.

A few things to look for here are: how active are they? Are they generally looking for something? If this email is a bulk update, do they see this frequently? Are there ever hints of complaint or discontent? Is there a change in behaviour on the part of their initial connection?

If a broad network of contacts is willing to respond, you can use this as a golden opportunity to proactively identify subscribers who you want to keep up to date. 

The more you communicate with these people, the more they want to keep you in the loop.

The flip side is this. Clean your list of all non-responsive subscribers regularly. This will boost your email deliverability rate.

Show Me The Email

From ISP to mail server spam emails are filling peoples inboxes. Draw attention to your marketing message has become increasingly difficult. 

Looking for a powerful way to make an impact in the inbox?

There's this practice of using weird/charming/creepy/deathly or ridiculous GIFs in your emails.

This can add a touch of humanity, but you shouldn't go overboard. So how often should you use these?

Pile it on a few times a month as a baseline. As more people ask your organization to “not go overboard,” you can segment your users into GIF likers and haters. If the GIF likers are converting well, you can always double down with more GIFs and whatnot.


Email Monetisation Email marketing done correctly can give you more opportunities to create that winning brand. That ultimately spreads on social media so it can become a conversation around your product.

Ultimately this is your asset and needs to be treated with respect, maintained and cultivated. Because the truth is, the money really is in the list.

Download my free report “Email Monetization”.



SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing

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