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5 Success Tips For You

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What Does Success Mean To You?

The five biggest questions on anybody's mind include:

“What's the difference between success and failure?”
“Why do some people want something and others don't?”
“What should I keep and what should I discard?”
“How much am I going to lose doing this instead of doing that?”
What is Success?”

A definition of “success” is “the achievement of a goal or the achievement of excellence.” A successful person that has achieved a level of excellence uses a set of skills, experiences, and insights to achieve their goals.

Your Goals and Success

Your goals are a way to bring yourself closer to the way you would like to be. They are plans for accomplishing your goals. They can be very high-level objectives, but for most, they are precise. 

How Can You Compute “Success”?

How do you decide what you need to do to achieve success?

One study looked at 10,000 people over the age of 40 in a business and financial decision-making exercise and interviewed them several times throughout their lives.

They asked them to do a two-pronged calculation:

Top Tips for Defining Your Success First, choose a set of 10 core values for life. This is what you want to be and how you define yourself, so you are on the right path toward achieving your goal.

Second, a minimum standard of the desired level of achievement should be in your mind. This is what you should be on the way to achieving your goal.

That will be calculated in your values, knowledge, interest, influence, and proficiency.

Now, what's the difference between success and failure? It's the combination of distinct core values and a minimum standard of how to achieve your goals.

For a lot of people, knowing what goals to achieve is half the battle.

 Tip 1. Getting Your Goals Done

The study looked at how well a person had achieved the standards, and three things stood out:

They always knew what their value was, so they knew what they should set as a minimum standard.

They practised their values daily. That meant making an effort to figure out what is important to them and being willing to be organized about being the best version of themselves.

They were in charge of their own life. They knew what was important to them and allowed themselves to surround themselves with people who shared their values.

Tip 2. You are You

How do you determine how much is enough? You already know who you are. When it comes to defining yourself in the eyes of others, be willing to understand who you are now and who you want to become.

This takes emotional intelligence and knowing how to view yourself objectively.

One woman told us “I knew how to see myself objectively, so I could also tell how much other people valued me.” This learning was very empowering.

Tip 3. The Importance of Values

How much is enough? You know what you are willing to give up in the name of your beliefs. It takes discipline to live the truth and not be a hypocrite.

You have your emotions on your side. You feel inside what you want, but you also know how to maintain your integrity and beliefs. This gives you the motivation to get things done.

Even a small lifestyle choice can change your situation. A person needs to be willing to make tough choices if they want to achieve success.

Tip 4. Vocabulary Is Key

Words For Success Speaking your value is another vital part of achieving success. This means that you need to be able to articulate what you want, and you need to be willing to discuss what you need from others to get there. 

Your words can be huge.

Your word choice can reveal who you are and what you stand for. Say it out loud and write it down, so others can better understand you.

Tip 5. Take A Crack At This

Life and business are much more complicated than they were a century ago. It's not really about what is out there– it's about how you see the world and yourself.

What kinds of choices should you make? Your values might be quite different from your goals, and you may not have the personal skills.

Take the time to figure out what you value, what you need to know to get you where you want to go, and establish what you need to do. Every step in the process will bring you closer to achieving your goals.


Success is personal, and everyone should take the time time to define what this means for them.

Without any idea of what your success should look like, it won't be straightforward to put in place steps or goals required to achieve your success.

To help define these goals and strategies, I would highly recommend studying Chapters Two and Three of “The Iceberg Effect” by Dean Holland.

Completing the worksheets in the book and discovering my “Why” and  “Life by Design” provided incredible motivation to follow through on my journey.

Free Book The Iceberg Effect


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