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How Free Plus Shipping Explodes Your Business

Free Plus Shipping The free plus shipping business model has been utilised by many well known and respected internet marketers.

Rather than giving away cheap reports and other trip-wire products, physical books are given away.

The perceived value of these valuable physical books is far greater than any digital product. All the customer is asked to do is cover the small cost of shipping and handling in order to receive their book.

Since the customer can easily see they have received great value for little cost, they are much more likely to be receptive to any future offers.

Free plus shipping offers have generated millions and millions of dollars in online sales by people like:-

  • Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels and New York Times best selling author of The Secrets Trilogy
  • Frank Kern, Creator Behavioral Dynamic Response
  • Ryan Levesque, CEO The ASK Method
  • Dean Graziosi, multiple New York Times best-selling author
  • Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and author of the bestsellers Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within and Unleash The Power Within

What 4 Core Focus Areas Have These Legends Mastered?

There are really only four areas you must learn, focus on and do to have a successful and profitable online business. 

  1. Find a strategy to drive TRAFFIC.
  2. Capture leads to build an EMAIL LIST.
  3. FOLLOW UP the people on your list.
  4. Make OFFERS to enable sales and profit.

There is no secret ingredient, no magic software. The people on my list above focus on the same 4 things we need to be focused on;

  • Traffic
  • Building a list
  • Following up
  • Making Offers

Even though these legendary marketers operate in diverse niches, and have obviously mastered the four core areas of focus, they all use the same system – Free Plus Shipping.

Compare Free Plus Shipping to Old Affiliate Marketing

When questioned, most affiliate marketers think the biggest problem they have of the four key focus areas is traffic.

While it is true, you need traffic, that alone is not the worst problem. The most prominent problem affiliate marketers face today is having a profitable sales system.

A common goal amongst people who start affiliate marketing is to replace their monthly income, which averages to around $3,000 a month.

Traditional Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Traditional Funnel starts with a free gift or lead magnet, then a tripwire product around $7 to $27, then maybe a $67 – $97 upsell. The lead belongs to the vendor, and any high ticket or premium offers beyond this are not available to the affiliate.

It is not easy to sell products, and the commissions are low. You will need to sell large numbers of cheap products to get anywhere near $3,000 a month in commissions.

old affiliate funnel

Free Plus Shipping Funnel

A free plus shipping funnel can start with a free gift or lead magnet, but the next step is to give away a physical product of value, as in a book.

Typically there may be a small upsell on the order page for the book, but not always. The goal is to acquire a customer that we know is interested in our niche because of the free book they have ordered.

These customers are automatically followed up by the system with various offers, including premium products from $1,997 to $9,997. Premium sales are typically made by telephone calls with prospective customers.

free plus shipping funnel

Key Differences

It is much easier to give away a book of value than to sell a $27 video course.

Only 3 high sales a month are needed to earn $3,000 a month.

Premium high ticket sales are typically made by telephone calls.

No Book Of Your Own

Wait, I don't have a book of my own, no one even knows me, no sales system and I don't have a sales team. 

  • you need to be an expert to write a book
  • you need to be an expert to create all the products
  • you need to be an expert in selling premium products
  • you need to be an expert to employ a team of people

How can I use a free plus shipping business model if I can't do any of these things?

Luckily for you, there is a way you can partner with a millionaire and get exclusive access to a highly desirable free plus shipping offer.

Become A Certified Internet Profits Partner

Access not only to the free plus shipping offer but all of this:-

  • High converting list building pages?
  • Products to offer including free books?
  • Seven-figure sales funnels to make more money?
  • A sales team making you $1,000+ comms?
  • Step by step “Quick Start Blueprint?

Internet Profits Sales Funnels

Applications to become a Certified Partner are limited, and to see if you qualify, you will need to complete an application and pay the $49 fully refundable deposit. Apply Here

No doubt you will have questions, and that's why it's best to have a chat so you can make sure it's the right move for you.

What Happens If You Qualify?

The first step for all partners is to complete Certification “A fast track to millionaire knowledge.”

Next, its to move into the “Quick Start Blueprint.” which will guide you through all the multi-million dollar systems.

Numerous resources are provided for you, such as list building pages, email promotions, multiple streams of income and complete training courses.

From there, it's time to formulate your traffic strategy and start making money. It doesn't matter if you've never driven a single visitor online before, as there are more than 14 unique traffic generation strategies.

Twice weekly coaching is available for those who wish to take advantage (highly recommended) and a very active support community in the private Facebook Group.

Certified Internet Profits Partner

Steve Turner Certified Internet Profits Partner My name is Steve Turner, and I'm one of Dean Hollands Certified Partners. As a partner, I'm able to promote Dean's free plus shipping offer for his latest book “The Iceberg Effect.”

Click on the link below to see this offer.

All I do is give away free copies of Deans book, and the sales system and the sales team do the rest. Seriously, that's it. I give the book away!

If you do nothing else, I can highly recommend getting your own copy of Dean's book “The Iceberg Effect” The Untold Secret of Affiliate Marketing.

To your success,
Steve Turner
Steve Turner

P.S. Russel Brunson said, ” I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even.”

Get your copy of “The Iceberg Effect”

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