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Steve Turner
My name is Steve Turner, and whilst having mainly been involved in the civil construction industry throughout my career, I have always had fascination with computers and the internet.

No matter where I have been, I have always been involved in some form of internet marketing, from designing and building web sites, selling virtual web hosting or selling a variety of affiliate marketing products. For many years, I did not take it very seriously, as a business.  I had good jobs, ran my own businesses and generally made a good living.

Like most people of my generation, we worked hard and played even harder. However it didn't last. Nowadays, I still make a good living, however I was now earning far less than I had done in the past and was working 50 plus hours a week. I was time poor!!

No doubt there are thousands of people who like me, played around with some form of internet marketing. It would be fairly safe to say upwards of 90 – 95% of these made little or no money. Some were looking for the magic button, that elusive piece of software that does it all, and those that worked hard and invested time and in some cases a lot of money into their efforts but still got nowhere.

I believe we can all achieve the success we desire and all it really takes is some passion, unrelenting belief you can do it and of necessity some hard work. The right software merely assists you and in itself is not the answer, no matter how good the sales pitch.

What is my goal?

I am building an online marketing business that gives me the freedom and time to enjoy my life, family and goals beyond the confines of “working for a living”.

How does that help you?

My favorite quote from Zig Ziglar “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I am passionate about helping like minded people build their business so we can all enjoy the reward.