PerkZilla Review

PerkZilla Review by STM

Perkzilla Review

You may have heard of PerkZilla previously, and then nothing much seemed to happen. Truth is I have had it for quite a while now, and it has undergone a facelift.

PerkZilla Viral Rewards

As you can see from the previous logo, PerkZilla is much sharper and dressed in better livery than before.

PerkZilla Viral Rewards

If you haven't heard of PerkZilla before, stay tuned as this exciting viral rewards platform will be making the rounds of your circles' social media networks shortly.

What Does PerkZilla Do?

PerkZilla is a platform that allows you to give rewards such as products, coupons, discounts and other offerings to your visitors in exchange for them referring their friends to your website generating viral traffic.

PerkZilla offers these rewards to your visitors to entice them to tell their friends. These friends might tell three friends, who tell three more friends, spreading your content far and wide.

One visitor has the potential to generate hundreds of visitors. Viral content is an incredibly powerful way to get more traffic to your web pages, content and offers!

From the inside of PerkZilla, currently, 3 of the six campaign types are active.

      1. Run A Contest
      2. Run A Giveaway
      3. Start A Wait List For Early Access


The three campaigns not yet released, I believe will be even more powerful are.

      1. Get Users To Refer A Friend
      2. Create SocialBuzz
      3. Drive More Traffic

No software is entirely hands-free, despite the developer's claims. There is a small learning curve with PerkZilla, and it does have comprehensive documentation.

Once you have your campaigns set up and running, there is no need for hours of monitoring, and it is cost-free. PerkZilla is as close to auto-pilot as you are probably going to get for a traffic generation method.

Offer valuable rewards, let your existing network and visitors know about your content, and the platform will do the rest.

Automation and ease of use were two key features Simon Hodgkinson, and Jeremy Gislason required in this platform for generating viral traffic.

PerkZilla Demo Video

Desirable Features:

      • A web-based app requires no downloading or installation. Log into your dashboard to get started.
      • Campaigns codes required for your website generated efficiently without technical knowledge required.
      • The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly.
      • Comprehensive help is available with step-by-step documentation and videos.
      • Operates on any platform, with the links and forms tested and proven to work across devices and browsers.


Design your campaigns to offer the best rewards and options to encourage sharing.

Rewards that can be quickly and efficiently delivered by email or downloaded give a variety of products such as ebooks, memberships, videos as well as coupons or discounts.

Setting up multiple reward levels with better rewards for the higher levels will encourage more sharing.

Pre-loaded default settings and pre-written emails in PerkZilla enables quick and easy set up of campaigns. The opt-in forms, emails and most everything is easily customizable from the dashboard.

You can use PerkZilla to promote a wide variety of content and pages. The software includes lead pages, sales pages, contests, blog posts, videos, webinar registration pages and more!

Sounds good, right? This platform is easy to use and is proven to drive viral traffic to your contests, lead pages, sales pages, blog content and more. The better the rewards you offer, the more website visitors you'll get!

Downsides to PerkZilla.

As a little snippet of code is required in the page to make it work, you can't directly promote other people's content such as affiliate links, unless you have access to their pages.

By setting up a bridge page, and have your visitors refer their friends to THIS page. You will still get viral traffic and build your list while promoting your affiliate offer.

Using this method eliminates the need for the vendor creating individual pages for you and pasting code into it.

My Verdict?

While there are other competing platforms, I am recommending Perkzilla based on its ease of use, flexibility and different campaign types available within one platform. (3 still to be released)

The control, customization and social media sites PerkZilla allows you to promote links over makes it a clear winner for my money.

Check out my Number 1 choice for a viral rewards platform HERE

Perkzilla Review

Viral traffic is out there for you to take advantage of.

Please leave a comment below on your ideas for viral rewards campaigns.

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