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Official Product Dyno WordPress Plugin

Official Product Dyno WordPress Plugin Released

The Product Dyno WordPress Plugin was released today and is another fantastic add-on for this incredible software suite. WordPress plugins are used to extend the functionality of our websites and this will be of great value to marketers.

Product Dyno was released approximately a year and a half ago from memory, and I purchased it during the launch phase for an extremely good deal for a life time subscription.

You can read my review here.

The guys at Promote Labs produce some very useful and effective software which is constantly supported and updated. I can assure you this plugin is no exception.

Quickly Here Is What Product Dyno Delivers:-

      • Product Dyno allows you to secure your any digital products easily. Even those who are not tech savvy can accomplish this with little expertise.

      • Product Dyno is even able to securely host the pages where the products will be delivered for you. There is also the option to secure these pages via your Amazon Web Services (S3) account.

      • Product Dyno makes it simple to deal with your promotions in a single practical location. If you’re like the majority of vendors, you will be managing many services such as your transaction processors, email autoresponders and the interconnected links between them in the revenue funnel.

      • Product Dyno will easily reduce the time and effort required to accomplish these tasks. Marketing your products will be a breeze.

      • Product Dyno boosts your marketing efforts by helping you create collections of associated products. Grouping could be by a brand name or within a particular product funnel or whatever you require. After a sale occurs Product Dyno will promote all your related products when delivering the purchase. Increase conversions your targeted audience!

      • Product Dyno was designed for automation. Integrations such as Zapier and others is already included. The ability of Product Dyno to connect all your applications and services will assist with automating functions such as customer support, promotions and building email lists.

Introducing Product Dyno WordPress Plugin

It has been a while coming, but those of us that run WordPress sites will be very happy. Product Dyno built a plugin that easily allows you to deliver secure content straight into your WordPress site. They have ensured your protected information will not be jeopardised.

A variety of membership applications can be used on your site in conjunction with the Product Dyno WordPress plugin, in contrast to many other WordPress members plugins.

Since your site content resides on a WordPress site, you will now easily have a method via the Product Dyno WordPress Plugin of injecting your protected content into your WordPress CMS!

Note: You will need an active Product Dyno account to use this plugin.

Since you have Product Dyno, download the Product Dyno WordPress plugin from within your WordPress site. Navigate to Add New Plugin. Search for Product Dyno, install and activate the plugin.

After activating the plugin, login into your Product Dyno account. To grant access for the plugin to access your WordPress site you will need to create a new API. Login to your Product Dyno account and within the My Account section is where you can generate a new API. Copy the API you created, return to your site and within the Product Dyno plugin paste the API to activate it. That's all there is to it.

NOTE: All your products need to be formulated within Product Dyno. The Product Dyno WordPress plugin was developed to make adding protected content to our WordPress sites as uncomplicated as possible.

To your success,
Steve T

SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing
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