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Product Dyno

Is Product Dyno Worth Buying – Does It Offer Value For Money?

It's probably fair to say many of us first heard of Product Dyno as we are on someone's mailing list, or were chasing up new product launches. Quickly over the internet there was a swelling sentiment that this would be hugely beneficial to those selling digital products on line.

Like many consumers I researched Product Dyno, read all the reviews I could find and tried to find out for myself really, just what does it do?

Let's just say I saw an opportunity to purchase this product and if it was half as good as the reviews I had read, I would be happy.

Now I have Product Dyno and used it myself. Let run through the details.

Product Dyno is a platform for vendors. This has been designed for those of us marketing digital products. To easily get our creations such as membership web sites, apps, videos, eBooks software into the hands of our customers.


If were asking about freebies, or lead magnets. These are also easily distributed through Product Dyno. This greatly increases the chances of conversions. As your subscribers access the valuable content Product Dyno can promote the associated related products.

Two essential functions are built in to Product Dyno to assist vendors market their merchandise in a secure and efficient manner.

  • Password protected logins are delivered via email to your customers to access the products they have paid for.
  • Expiring links are provided for downloading the content purchased. This is designed to prevent people revealing the links all across the internet.

All your payment processors, autoresponders and content management are integrated into one convenient platform, Product Dyno. Any of your products can be associated with any of the services you have connected within your dashboard conveniently in one location.

Product Dyno Releases WordPress Plugin Click Here For Details

Back to to my original question…..
How Does Product Dyno offer value for money?

Product Dyno

Product Dyno possesses an intuitive, user friendly interface. The learning curve is minimal allowing you to jump right in have your account setup. Connect your service providers and begin adding your products.

Integrations with many major autoresponder services

  • Active
  • Campaign
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Get Response
  • iContact
  • Mail Chimp
  • Sendlane

Connections to your preferred payment processors

  • ClickBank
  • GumRoad
  • Paddle
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • ThriveCart

Don’t panic if your particular service is missing from the list. These are being updated by the developers as requests are made for different providers.

Securing Your Valuable Content

Securing your content with a multitude of different options makes Product Dyno extremely flexible.

Easily secure content on your own domain with addition of some code to your sales delivery page.

Choose whether or not you want to host the delivery page, Product Dyno has the option of hosting this for you as well.

Product Dyno adds an additional layer of protection to your valuable content secured in your Amazon Web Services (S3) account.

For software developers, Software as a service (SaaS) can be licensed within Product Dyno's included licensing feature. Access to applications can be removed if a purchaser decides they no longer want the software.

Automating Your Business Processes

Saving time by automating many of the typical marketing activities we undertake. Zapier is an automation application that integrates directly within Product Dyno. Customer support, promotions, analytics, building email lists and many other functions could all be automated.

What I Didn't Like…

From a beginners perspective if sales pages were included, it would be fully hosted sales solution.

At this time in its development there are not a great deal of different templates for the delivery pages. Those provided are easy to customise and professional looking. If you like more control, host the sales delivery page yourself!

These templates will be suitable for most vendors, especially if you want to take advantage of Product Dyno hosting your content.

Value For Money

I would have to say after using Product Dyno, this platform is definitely value for money.

If you are offering any form of digital merchandise for sale and are looking for a one stop location to manage, protect and deliver your content. This is it!

Its not necessary to be a technical whiz. If you can “point and click”, you can easily set up, protect and securely deliver your goods.

Do yourself a favour and check it out Product Dyno

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