Landing Page Monkey Demo

Landing Page Monkey Demo

Landing Page Monkey

Before we get into my quick Landing Page Monkey Demo, I'm going to quickly list all the features I believe gives it an  incredible edge of all the other software currently available.

Key Features

      • Landing Page Monkey is extremely affordable
      • The module-based drag & drop software is incredibly easy to use
      • Full-screen video backgrounds
      • Landing Page Monkey is not template-based, your pages will be original and unique.
      • Designs can easily be replicated by cloning
      • Landing Page Monkey comes complete with split testing scripts
      • Integration with WordPress is easy if you follow the video tutorial

Landing Page Monkey Demo Tutorial

If you would rather just watch a quick video, click on the image below.

Basic Tutorial For A Landing Page

Here are the basic steps to follow as a quick guide to putting together a landing page.

      1. Log in to the dashboard, where you have the main choices.
      2. Click Create Page from the top menu and use the Advanced Option as there aren't major differences and you might as well utilise all the features available.
      3. Start filling out information. You’ll want to start specifying information, it’s all really simple and self-explanatory. Your LPM name is the title of your page. The box position is where your opt-in box appears. You can choose the colours for the box, the background, the button text and colour, and so forth.
      4. The variety of options you use here with video or image background and coupled opt-in box animation styles is what gives Landing Page Monkey the ability to create such a variety of pages.
      5. Set The Advanced options for the Opt-in box.
      6. There are only two Advanced SEO options, Title and Description which are very important to set.
      7. Content:- This is where you can edit and modify all the content, such as Headings, Sub Headings and text as well as embed a video. Note at the bottom of the page is a preview button and as you make changes you can quickly preview them to see if its what you want.
      8. This is where you can integrate Landing Page Monkey with email auto-responders or other scripts.

Let me show you a couple of fantastic Landing Page Monkey demos of what is possible. I'm sure this will give you some ideas for your own business, doesn’t it? Here’s a demo of another way to use a static graphic as a background image, and insert your sales video into the box.

Another awesome product to compare with Landing Page Monkey is Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe. For me, I didn't pick one or the other, I use and recommend both!

Order Landing Page Monkey TODAY.

To your success

SteveT from Steve Turner Marketing
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