Why Paying For Traffic Is A Smart Move

Whilst is true that there are hundred's, and maybe thousands of success stories we hear about  businesses hitting it big on the internet, unfortunately these are far out weighed by those that don't.

Hundreds and hundreds of internet businesses are started very day, however very few survive. According to WebFX “studies have shown that 90% of online businesses fail within the first four months of operation”. Despite all the hype you see, the fact remains it is not as easy as many would have you believe!

Right Time! Right Place! Right Product! Could this be luck? Possibly but highly unlikely. There are no push button systems that will make you an internet millionaire overnight. Often  called entrepreneurs it should be understood, they bear most of the risks as well as enjoying the rewards.

It takes perseverance, commitment and focus and an unshakeable believe that you will succeed to succeed. Then you just need to learn all the other stuff.

The DNA of An Internet Business

Customers are the life blood of any business. Most, though not all internet business, particularly start ups do not have a physical presence. Even an online business that sells physical products, via drop shipping for example still may not  have a shop front for customers.


For an internet business, our customers need to be driven to our offers, ads, squeeze and landing pages. They actually need to navigate to us, so we need to employ all our skills to “drive” them in the direction we want them to go.

In the online world, “traffic” is not one of the the things you need, it is “THE THING” you need. Just as with the real world, no customers, no sales, no profit. The start up cost for an online business is minimal, which is why many people are attracted to this business model.

What many fail to understand is the principles you need to master are not minimal. It is pretty safe to say that most business practices apply just as much to an online business as one off-line.

Just as not every person, the enters a shop, a shopper buys something and becomes a customer. Not every person who visits your website or offer will take you up and become a customer. What we can work out over time is for every 100 people we bring to our website or online offer, a  certain percentage will buy.

In business there are only 2 basic ways to make more money:

Firstly get more customers, or
Secondly sell the customers you do have something of a higher value.

So now we see, that the greater percentage of people will not buy anything on their first visit, or in fact may never return. Therefore we need a constant supply of new people “traffic” to present our offers to in order have a percentage convert to a customer.

No traffic, or not enough traffic will result in a very poor conversion rates and you will not make any money. To up sell your customers, first you must engage them with you lower priced items to enable you to present the higher ticket items. Using this method will mean you may not need as many customers, but you still need to aquire them in the first place.

Just as the the retailer who has a physical store, you now have your website full of products or offers, how are you going to attract enough traffic to make a profit. Well just like the retailer we have similar options, both paid and free.

Lets leave our retailer with his marketing budget for radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail and letter drops. Not forgetting that these days he can also avail himself of the same free options we can use in our online business.

Most of the success stories we see around us in both the real world and online world come from paying for traffic, or advertising. It should be understood that they also make very good use of all the free methods available to you and I.

Don't worry if you have no budget at all for any form of paid advertising, even though some may be quite affordable to start with and scale up if successful. There are are a number of options without paying for traffic, that will generate some traction and momentum.

Here is a list of 9 ways that can get you advertising for free:-

  • Organic search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • YouTube.
  • Classified websites.
  • Writing a blog.
  • Article posting.
  • Forum posting.
  • Blog Comments.
  • Guest Blogging

These may not generate the same high volume in the short term as those methods that are paying for traffic. In the long term I believe you will have a better more sustainable business if you have developed a couple of these methods fully.

The secret here is perseverance; pick a method you think will be suitable for your needs and work at every day without fail. Do not try for 3 or 4 days, a week, then give up and try something else. Master the one method you choose.

Search Engine Traffic

One of the absolute best tools you need to master if you are running any sort of online business is Google. Everything you need to know is in Google some where. Of course the trick is having the time and skills to drill down to what you need to know and discard the junk.

Since they are free for people to use, and with millions of searches conducted daily on the search engines, being able to rank on the first page for your particular search term is a highly sought after position, and can be extremely difficult to achieve.

Do not forget that Google is also a multi billion dollar business, and companies can pay to have results in front of you, even though their page may not rank that well if the playing fields were levelled.

Ensuring your site or sites are optimised for search engines, is a fairly low cost exercise, though most people would not have the technical knowledge or ability to compete with some of the major players. Using some advertising can go a long way to improving your results.

Depending entirely on search engine results can also prove dangerous as we have seen with various updates to search engine algorithms that could penalise you or potentially wipe out your traffic, as has happened in the past.

When you are buying advertisements, it is like paying for traffic. This may not sound like a good idea, however if done correctly, not only should you be driving traffic, it should be “targeted traffic” to your website, sales page or opt-in form.

Your conversions will tell the story. When you pay for your traffic, you are guaranteed of a consistent targeted traffic flow to your site, sales page or offer. Monitoring your conversion results will give you the opportunity to optimise the ads and landing pages.

Scale up those campaigns with the best conversion rates and scale back those that are not performing as well until they can either be optimised or dropped.

Always keep in mind that yes, having your page optimised for SEO absolutely cannot be overlooked, however organic results from search engines can take a lot of time and effort before bearing results.

Paying For Traffic

Paid advertisements include advertising schemes by Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as traditional Solo Ads. Some people also refer to Solo Ads as “email buys”

The most common method of advertising is called pay per click (PPC), and you are charged with number of hits a link gets when your ad is clicked. Other methods of charging for your ad are based on the number of times, it is presented for viewing, cost per impression.

There has been a lot of information about including good keywords in your ads, however when I am paying for the traffic, I am selling the sizzle, not the steak as they say. For paid campaigns, I would advise that you are spending more time on the copy and detail of landing and squeeze pages, not just keywords.

Solo Ads (email buys), are usually charged per click, however here we are using a provider who has a mailing list, and they send our offer or ad to the list via email, and this is where the copy is more important than keywords.

There are many tools that aid you in using the right keyword for the right moment. A search of Google will reveal many fantastic tools you can use, but here are 3 of my favourites to get you going.

  • 1.  Google Keyword Planner – Hey, its from Google so it's the place to start.

  • 2.  Keywords Everywhere – I like this because its a free easy to use browser extension for either Chrome or Firefox.

  • 3.  Answer The Public – Ok this site has one of the quirkiest home pages you have ever seen, and using the site does take a little getting used to.

Nowadays there is intense competition for the most searched or common keywords, and has driven costs higher and higher for the average internet marketer. It is very important therefore to do your research, narrow down the niche you are targeting and look at “long-tail-keywords“.

These are longer phrases which people may use to give more specific information or detail about that which they are searching for. It is highly advisable to have researched all possible long tail key words before committing to an advertising campaign.

One of the most cost effective and highly targeted method of advertising if done correctly is Facebook and most definitely should not be overlooked in your research.

Be advised though, Facebook has very strict terms and policies or guidelines, which it will apply when it suits them. Be extremely cautious when using Facebook advertising as your sole means of traffic generation. I would always recommend having a minimum of 2 ongoing traffic sources.

When paying for traffic, like all businesses, it is vital that you look at your “Return on Investment” (ROI), or in our case your cost per conversion or lead, or other action you are expecting as a result of your advertising. Done correctly you will see a massive boost in your sales or conversion figures and also be able to see what each cost you.

Knowing what these costs are, knowing what demographics to target, which ads work better that others and where the traffic came from are just some of the other benefits you will gain from paying for traffic.


Paying for traffic that is targeted, doesn't have to be a mystery any more. I have found that buying small parcels of Solo Ads beneficial by enabling me to test, the effectiveness of my squeeze pages and then optimising them and retesting.

The other major benefit from running paid campaigns , are you are guaranteed the clicks you have paid before. The down side is that this is cold traffic, i.e. that don't actually know like or trust you yet. Now this may not be for everyone, but I would certainly recommend considering the option.

There are numerous providers of solo ads and you need to do your due diligence before handing over the money. As there are Facebook groups dedicated to Solo Ads, this would where I suggest starting and listen to the feedback on the various providers.

My preferred supplier of solo ads when paying for traffic is Traffic For Me for both ease of use and quality of traffic provided. If are new to Solo Ads, they have a great range of tutorial videos which help explain how everything works.

Please let me know of your experiences paying for traffic or organic traffic generation methods. If you have other sources of traffic generation, please share them with us here.

Please comment, like and share my post.

Steve Turner

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