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Landing Page Monkey

Before we get into my quick Landing Page Monkey Demo, I'm going to quickly list all the features I believe gives it an  incredible edge of all the other software currently available.

Key Features

  • Landing Page Monkey is extremely affordable
  • The module based drag & drop software is incredibly easy to use
  • Full screen video back grounds
  • Landing Page Monkey is not template based, your pages will be original and unique.
  • Designs can easily be replicated by cloning
  • Landing Page Monkey comes complete with split testing scripts
  • Integration with WordPress is easy if you follow the video tutorial

Landing Page Monkey Demo Tutorial

If you would rather just watch a quick video, click on the image below.

Basic Tutorial For A Landing Page

Here are the basic steps to follow as quick guide to putting together a landing page.

  • 1

    Log in to the dashboard, where you have the main choices.

  • 2

    Click Create Page from the top menu and use the Advanced Option as there aren't major differences and you might as well utilise all the features available.

  • 3

    Start filling out information. You’ll want to start specifying information, it’s all really simple and self-explanatory. Your LPM name is the title of your page. The box position is where your opt-in box appears. You can choose the colors for the box, the background, the button text and color, and so forth.

  • 4

    The variety of options you use here with video or image background and coupled opt-in box animation styles is what gives Landing Page Monkey the ability to create such a variety of pages.

  • 5

    Set The Advanced options for the Opt-in box.

  • 6

    There are only two Advanced SEO options , Title and Description which are very important to set.

  • 7

    Content:- This is where you can edit and modify all the content, such as Headings, Sub Headings and text as well as embed a video. Note at the bottom of the page is a preview button and as you make changes you can quickly preview them to see if its what you want.

  • 8

    This is where you can integrate Landing Page Monkey with email auto-responders or other scripts.


Let me show you a couple of fantastic demos of what is possible. http://clika.pe/l/13/109/. I'm sure this will give you some ideas for your own business, doesn’t it? Here’s a demo of another way to use static graphic as a background image, and insert your sales video into the box.  http://clika.pe/l/13/91/.

Another awesome product to compare with Landing Page Monkey is Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe. For me, I didn't pick one or the other, I use and recommend both!


I'm so impressed with my Landing Page Monkey I have put together 11 fantastic bonuses to back my recommendation.


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